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Rules of Reapers of Runescape

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1. Respect everyone: Our motto is to ensure respect to each other and to those we fight. Just show some respect.






2. No racism: Any type of racism is not tolerated at all. 






3. PKing Trips are Non-mandatory: If we do decide to go back Pking, we won't be hosting many mandatory trips.






4. Scamming is not allowed.: Our clan is a community, everyone should work together as one. We will be hosting many PVM events and minigames, just don't scam.






5. No Ragging during Pking: We do not plan on doing any type of ragging in the wild. Do not do it.






6. Listen to ranks: It is not difficult and we won't demoralize you, just listen to the ranks. We'll show you respect if you do the same.






7. Discord is a must: You must always be on our Discordif in-game, it shows that our community is active. If you are busy in real life, we completely understand.






8. Don't be a pest or rude: If we feel like you are causing a problem, we will address it to you. It is up to you to fix it. Don't be a pest or be rude.






9. Idle the CC: If we aren't doing an event,  please idle Reapers CC. 






10. Too much swearing or insults to any rank or member is not allowed. 






11. Crashing your fellow members to cause disruption is not allowed.






12. Spamming our Discord, CC, or Forums will not be tolerated.






13. Leaking to any clan will result in a ban.






14. Luring your fellow members is not alright and is bannable.






15. You can't be in multiple clans. PVM/Skilling Teams are an exception, must tell ranks about it. 






16. Must be 17 years of age.






17. You have to act mature. Don't act like a child, act your age.






18. When you receive a loot, don't just bolt off. You will get banned.






19. Don't loot while we are calling piles during Pking. Doing so, we will kick you from the trip.






20. Attend as many events as possible! You will have the best time if you do so!






21.  No matter what happens, Reapers will remain a strong community and we will do our best to make sure you enjoy your time here! 






22. All suggestions to the clan are welcomed!






23. Any donations to clan are appreciated and not required. If you donate, you won't be guaranteed a rank, but we will thank you for donating.






24. Don't bring drama with you. We do not like anything dramatic, but if you are having trouble irl or in-game, we are here to help. 






25. Have fun!: Overall just try to have fun, we want to make sure you have the best time in OSRS and in Reapers of Runescape!






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