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Rain Ninja

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    Halo, RuneScape, manga, skateboarding, the wellbeing of others, swordsmanship, mercenaries.
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  1. looking at the ranks on here and I can see a bit of an oddity. Whether it was created by intention or not; to make the beginning ranks more sensible. Make the skull be the Member avvie, make the bone be the Intro, Adviser something else- or the moon that you got there and make Clan Friend the RIP gravestone.

    1. KingTheGreat
    2. Rain Ninja

      Rain Ninja

      I've also noticed that the Discord is all combat orientated. We're missing a Duelists chat.

  2. Rain Ninja

    Friday Night Out with the Reapers!

    I was in the first two clicks. Hellyeah. Killed the first guy with my dlong. Last kill with callisto or something throwing everyone back- cool.
  3. "premierclub18" at Diango unlocks the Premier Shield emote.

  4. New recruit in the chat. Wants in.

  5. I will get to the Application, sir.

    I also read the requirements for PvM/PvP. I just want to in form you that I should have all those items minus the Furies, the several ancient staffs (a coupel may be possible, but they will be bought nearly last), and a few other things I've forgotten what they're called atm in about a month.
    Every 3-4days I should be able to buy everything in a nice order.
    Starting with full guthans, runepl8legs/skirts, the runes, and so on.

    That being said I will probably only be Pvping in ranger style like I was last until all areas of critaria are met, sir.

    1. KingTheGreat
    2. Rain Ninja

      Rain Ninja

      Cool, cool. Thanks for allowing me a chance to progress.

    3. Rain Ninja

      Rain Ninja

      Cool, cool. Thanks for allowing me a chance to progress.
      May take longer than a month actually.
      I'll make it though.

  6. I went on 5-7hour ish hike. Just because my bicycle didn't have a seat/wanted my laptop to charge.
    Rampaged througha forest, crawled through a squarish tunnel that started to have quicksand...got hella dirty. Cleaned myself up a mile or two down the road from the otherside.
    Made the turn.
    had some water.
    ended the bend into the straight away.
    Got home.......Laptop is only 10% complete. I cant play tonight.
    But making pizza.

    1. KingTheGreat
    2. Reminiscon


      Wanted your laptop to charge? You were going to use it while on your bike? Lol

      Glad I just got myself a bike, really is better than resorting to unreliable buses (for short distances).

    3. Rain Ninja

      Rain Ninja

      Na, I decided to go for an adventurous walk to charge my laptop when it hit 8%. I know the County by heart so they can drag on for miles. But I contemplated using my bike. It's seat was removed so I left it in the yard (it always has been like that, but this time I was forsure not interested in a standup ride)

      Turns out after I returned that my plug was sticking out of the output so my laptop never got charged.